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— MI.Studios is a creative agency that builds fashion brands, creates bespoke concepts and content that make your product emerge in a competitive and fast-paced industry which demands innovation and creativity.


What we do for brands

Consulting - brand identity, visual communication, positioning and distribution, marketing, collaborations: creative, retail and media.

Production Management - location scouting, model casting, concept development, planning and coordination, studio rental, production props, post production, photography and video.

Brand Identity - for your brand, social media channels, collections, blog and retail. 

Social Media Strategy - content creation, art direction, concept, production, collaborations and ads. 


Stage 1 (Brainstorming) - Request a meeting with us so we can get to know your brand and your business. Then, we'll put together a proposal with a strategy t meet your objective and for your budget needs

Stage 2 (Implementing) - Our team of experts divide the strategy into actionable milestones within an agreed timeline for completion.

Stage 3 (Feedback) - We meet to discuss impact from campaign and move on the phase two of project. 


We count with an extensive network of creatives including photographers, videographers, hair and make up artists, visual artists, stylists and prop designers that have worked on numerous creative projects around the globe. 

We also count with an extensive internal team, which is crucial for those small and low budget projects, who also supervise, coordinate and partner with our external network of creatives for all the production and intensive projects. 

Cases and Projects

Creative Direction by Harry Alexopoulos

Case: Heio London

Content production for social media (concept, styling, production management, photography and post production) and grid planning for Instagram for ideal content usage. 



Case: Rollacoaster Magazine Editorial

Editorial published in Rollacoaster Magazine. Photography by Jan Luengo, styling by Alesandra Rangel, hair and make up by Regina Khanipova and directed by Marta Jankovska. 



Case: Nalini

Production for campaign 2018 (styling, production management, photography, location scouting, model casting, concept development, planning and coordination). Photography by Jan Luengo, art direction by Inés Rovira, hair and makeup by Laura Rubio, directed by Marta Jankovska and production assistance by Allegra Gallese. 


Other Projects

Wonderland Magazine Editorial
Fashion Films for MI.Magazine
MI.Magazine Video Interviews
MI.Vintage Label x Ines Rovira
SJo Accessories




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