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The new rules for Instagram

The new rules of Instagram

If you are an avid Instagram user you would have noticed some things changing. While changes in technology are terrifying for some, it’s exciting for others and if you want to succeed in Instagram you have to embrace new trends as rapidly and enthusiastically as possible. Especially for fashion brands, where competition is crazy as there are so many brands out there right now who are doing Instagram very well, here are a couple of 2018 Instagram trends you need to apply to your business.

1.     Dedicate as much time on planning and creating content for your feed as you would dedicate on your product branding- think about the personality and image you like to portray and look for creative ways to tell that same story over and over again

2.     When working with influencers don’t worry so much on how many followers that influencer has, rather the quality of content is as important if not more important when filtering influencers for collaborations.

3.     Influencers with a good proportion of followers to engagement have better conversion rates than mega-influencers with millions of followers and less engagement

4.     Make sure you plan all your content before you publish, including your captions and your stories. Don’t make any posting spontaneous as one wrong post can undermine the reputation of your brand

5.     Cross promote other accounts as much as possible but only do it if it relates to your account and the content you promote. Don’t spam promote accounts. A clever way to do it is to selectively choose account that supplement the messages you post and the values you stand for.

6.     Be constant- there is no value in doing amazing content for a week and then not post anything for a month. If you are not constant your followers will forget about you while you will have less chances to be discovered by the rest of the community

7.     Less is more- it’s not the end of the world if you post 1 photo per day instead of 3. Better to post quality then quantity of content that doesn’t go with your brand

8.     Don’t buy fake like and fake followers. They are very obvious to spot no matter which service you use.


MI Studios is a creative agency dedicated to building and improving the brand identities of fashion and lifestyle labels through visual story-telling. Written by Marta Jankovska, the agency founder and CEO. All rights reserved. March 2018.