Mi Studios collaboration with Heio London

Mi Studios starts collaborating with HEIO London

HEIO LONDON just became a part of the os Mi. Studios client portfolio. With the purpose of consolidating and become known in the European market, and subsequently to expand in the United States and in Asia, MI.Studios will manage their digital marketing as well as create the visual content on social media so as to enhance their brand image and to reinforce their values and thus satisfy the demands HEIO London’s potential customer. Created for people who appreciate art and design, the brand will be present at London’s Fashion Week 2017 where it will present its new collection.

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Mi Studios and dosMares collaboration

Mi Studios starts collaborating with dosMares

MI Studios is pleased to announce that it has added the Catalan firm dosMares to its client portfolio. With a strategy to reach new audiences and include a new annual collection, dosMares has among its objectives to create new product lines to transcend the seasonality of bathing suite fashion. MI Studios will be responsible for managing their digital marketing as well as the visual content for social media to enhance the online channels without losing the impeccable image of the firm, thus reinforcing the brand’s values to meet the demands of the current consumer.

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Mi Vintage Label Launches

Mi Vintage Label Launches!

The creators of MI.Magazine, the first magazine based in Barcelona, specialized in featuring influencers, have launched their new project under the initials MI., MI Vintage Label was born to satisfy the high demand for vintage clothing that currently exists in the market and which has little representation in the Spain. As Marta Jankovska, CEO and founder of the brand, says, “Secondhand clothing is a niche that has not been exploited in Spain, something that seems incredible considering the popularity in other markets such as the American or the English.” And so her idea emerged: to create a brand with carefully selected…

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