Why outsource your Social Media to a creative agency?


The mistake that a lot of companies make with their brand is that they don’t consider social media important enough to dedicate professional resources and attention. Social media platforms like instagram and facebook are fundamental for connecting directly with target customers.

 Outsourcing the production and management to an creative agency is the ideal step towards increasing sales and reputation on social media as the account is managed by experienced content producers.

Mi Studios social media management
Why hire Mi Studios to manage your socia media content?


Apart from managing the very successful account for the first influencer magazine mimagazine.es@mimagazine, members of our staff, @aotbymartaj and @nat.cebrianare influencers with more than 30k and 50k followers, will be managing your accounts. Moreover our team includes a fashion photographer @janluengo who will be producing original content for your branding a creative director- @helenareplay who will be assisting with the visual concept and strategy of your account.

Mi Studios social media management
Which social media management services do we cover?

Content planning
Community Management
Influencer marketing
Advertising Campaigns

Mi Studios social media management
Who are our clients?

We work with Spanish and international fashion and lifestyle brands- accessories, clothes, swimwear, interior design and even influencers and celebrities.

We prioritise the importance of social media as sales channels for clients and work on bringing the audience that shops to the account so the benefits are two-fold- audiences who follow you also shop your products.