Why invest in visual production for your brand?

 Mi Studios is a content driven creative agency developing campaigns that help brands reach their target audiences and impress their buyers and stakeholders.  The key to making a name for your brand is to create premium content that captures attention.

Mi Studios fashion production Studio 54 for Mi Magazine
Why hire Mistudios to direct your visual campaign?


Our production team, which are the editors and stylists of Mi Magazine has both the experience and the equipment to create, direct and produce a campaign at any scale. We take care of all of the details including creating the concept, choosing the location, the models, the styling and the directing of the photography and videography to produce a campaign that matches your brand.

Mi Studios fashion production London Calling for Mi Magazine
Which visual production services do we cover?

Collection Campaigns
“Making of” Videos
Look books
Brand presentations
Brand videos
Visual consulting
Catalogue design
Graphic design
Social Media and Digital Marketing Content

Mi Studios fashion production agency The Artist
Who are our clients?

We work with  fashion brands and lifestyle brands who are looking to develop a unique and desirable concept. We also work with models who are looking to expand their portfolios and with influencers and bloggers who need expert content advice and support.