Mi Studios starts collaborating with dosMares

Mi Studios and dosMares collaboration

MI Studios is pleased to announce that it has added the Catalan firm dosMares to its client portfolio. With a strategy to reach new audiences and include a new annual collection, dosMares has among its objectives to create new product lines to transcend the seasonality of bathing suite fashion. MI Studios will be responsible for managing their digital marketing as well as the visual content for social media to enhance the online channels without losing the impeccable image of the firm, thus reinforcing the brand’s values to meet the demands of the current consumer.

About dosMares

Created in the 1980s in Barcelona by the Brazilian businesswoman of Italian descent Anna María Settimi, dosMares was acquired six years ago by partners Inés Coronas, Clara Coronas and Antonio Nerín. Inés is responsible for design, marketing and communication and press; While Clara is responsible for production, international and online sales. In addition, the photos of the campaigns are made by the prestigious photographer Bela Adler as the image is very important for dosMares.

With an annual production of more than 20,000 garments, the production is 100% handmade and made in four local workshops in Barcelona to control the whole process. Aimed at the modern woman who seeks to be beautiful and at the same time comfortable, the difference of a bikini or swimsuit of twoMares resides in its impeccable and clean design, excellent quality of fabrics and clothing and a very good value for money.

Today, the Spanish bathing suite fashion company maintains an international prestige and is present in more than 150 points of sale distributed between Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United States, where they are also present in the prestigious online sales platform www.shopbob.com. Not only are they in lingerie stores and boutiques, but also in very prestigious hotel spas such as Finca Cortesin in Málaga and Atzaró de Ibiza.

In addition, they are common in the Miami Swim Show and are expanding the firm to new markets such as Russia and Dubai. They have also opened to the field of collaborations with firms such as Camper and designer Lydia Delgado with her blogger daughter, Miranda Makaroff.