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Social Media collaboration - dosMares x Cowshed

We are thrilled to a share our latest project as the social media collaboration mediators between the the Barcelona based bikini brand dosMares and the British ethical cosmetics brand Cowshed.

The collaboration consisted of devising a joint social media strategy to increase the engagement and fans for both of the brands and to create visuals that mark the similarities these brands share.

Specifically MI Studios created a series of images using both of the products to announce the collaboration which entailed the sale of dosMares in the Barcelona Soho House Cowshed spa. We then suggested to run a competition with a product and service from the brands with the purpose to cross promote the brands to existing customers and to encourage new fans to participate in the competition.

Finally the collaboration included devising a digital strategy to announce the launch of a joint event between the two brands and to invite customers and fans to attend the event in Barcelona.

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