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MI Studios x HEIO London

HEIO LONDON just became a part of the MI Studios client portfolio. With the purpose of consolidating and become known in the European market, and subsequently to expand in the United States and in Asia, MI.Studios will manage their digital marketing as well as create the visual content on social media so as to enhance their brand image and to reinforce their values and thus satisfy the demands HEIO London’s potential customer. Created for people who appreciate art and design, the brand will be present at London’s Fashion Week 2017 where it will present its new collection.



Minimal, eclectic and timeless, this is the modern woman HEIO. Headquartered in London and founded in July 2015, HEIO carefully produces its products in the south of Spain where each piece is handmade by authentic artisans. The values of the brand goes beyond purely aesthetic criteria and captures the attention of what is not necessarily within the circle of fashion and trends. This is how HEIO can be maintained and differentiate- by its design and the quality of its products.

So it’s no wonder that HEIO has captured the attention of sectors beyond the world of fashion. Together with the car company AUDI UK, the brand collaborated to create a unique clutch with the skin for the RS series, inspired by the nightscapes and the Union Jack of London. In addition, HEIO was also selected by the BBC production company as one of the brands chosen to participate in the talent show “The Apprentice” only three months after the firm was launched. Captivated by their designs and the quality of the handbags, HEIO gained access to sell its products in Liberty store in London. The unique and exceptional characteristics of the handbags obtained multiple awards and accolades like: “bags are precious (Claude littner),” Spain is so good in terms of quality and manufacturing “(Frances bishop)” “It’s a bit like the mix between futurism And contemporary modernism “(paul sullivan).

In addition, HEIO handbags are the favorites among photographers, architects and designers, not only in terms of fashion but also for its graphics and clean lines. The origami style along with 3D techniques have captured the attention of professionals and customers passionate about design.

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